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Vanessa Professional singer


Vanessa is a high class professional singer of exceptional quality specialising in weddings, birthday parties, corporate and special events, children events, dance parties and in all the important events of your life.

She sings in many languages including French, English, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic. She also speaks several languages including French, English, Italian and German.

With her amazing soulful voice, she has the ability to make your live music event a unique and unforgettable day full of emotions.

... And Wings

From romantic French style like ‘La vie en rose’ to vin d’honneur to ceremony to dance party.

Producing elegant and entertaining results and offering you a customised and personalised artistic performance.

You will be able to choose the musical repertoire you prefer, be it vocal jazz, international varieties, French touch and more and Vanessa will be happy to learn your favourite song whatever the language!

Depending on the atmosphere you desire and on your budget, you can choose from different musical set ups ranging from 2 to 10 musicians and also include your choice of favourite musical instrument i.e. saxophone, piano, guitar, violon.

DJs of varying styles and genres can also be supplied.

As well as live music performance, Vanessa can also offer you different shows from our entertaining  artist partners like magicians, belly dancers, aerial shows, portraitists, etc.


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As well as live music performance, Vanessa can also offer you different shows from our entertaining artist partners like magicians, belly dancers, aerial shows, portraitists, etc. Vanessa and her Wings are based in Côte d’Azur but will be more than happy to accept engagements all around France and all around the world.

All the impossible becomes possible!

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Due to her extensive experience in weddings and private luxurious events over many years, Vanessa will be happy to assist you in the organisation of your wedding/event and to propose you different providers and services.

Villa of your dream

Luxury Concierge


Wedding Chef/Caterer

Wedding Dresses

Makeup Artist

bridal bouquet




Wedding décor

Vanessa will be happy to meet you or will communicate with you before your event to plan with you every single detail of your dreaming event!